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Tiles of Bratislava and the Art of Imitation

In Slovakia iconic Čierne diery are no longer only printing popular graphics, but published a bestselling book about beautiful historical tiles of Bratislava, now you can see them juxtaposed with the collections of Bratislava City Museum.

In the Exhibition Hall of the Old Town Hall, you have the opportunity to see the connection of the beauty of historic Bratislava tiles and wall coverings with interior artefacts that imitated luxurious materials.


The exhibition is based on the research of Julia Itin and Štefan Cipár, who managed to get into several hundred houses in the wider city center. For more than three years, they searched for specimens of tiles and paving stones dated from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century in locations such as Staré Mesto, Palisády, Obchodná ulica, Hlavná stanica, Blumentál, but also Rača or Vajnory.


 Photo: Čierne diery

The curator of the exhibition, Jana Švantnerová, “paired” the found tiles with works in the collections of the Bratislava City Museum. Creative selection based on visual correlation refers to a long tradition of imitating and imitating luxurious materials or techniques. Here you will find, for example, cases for tortoise shell, semi-precious stones, or techniques for processing glass and ceramics.


Reflecting on mimetic practices in the history of art allows us to learn more about patterns of imitation and the meaning and value that society has and still assigns to them. Thanks to ceramic tiles and tiles, a world of refined techniques and materials opens up to us, such as cloisonné compartment enamel, pietre dure marquetry or iridescent glass and lityaline. Thanks to the cooperation with SNM – Natural History Museum, the exhibition will be enriched with examples of remarkable minerals, minerals and animals.