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Wine tasting tour to the cellars in Rača

Visit Rača city District, meet its ordinary people and experience their extraordinary lives. This year you can meet 19 winemakers and see 12 unique wine cellars. The entire walking circuit among wineries and cellars is 2.5 kilometers long.

You are going to see unique places, meet interesting people, taste extraordinary wine and have a lovely food. We are going to take you to beautiful old wine cellars where you will not only drink a wine but also talk to people who produce it.

These people play a crucial role with his or her knowledges about how a variety of grape in a given location behave sometimes in dry and hot weather and sometimes in rainy and cold weather as well what kind of production technology is chosen to highlight or override typical characteristic for particular vineyard.

The ticket price is 30 Euro for both days and is valid for both days. The ticket includes 40 coupons to pay for wine samples in the cellars (one degustation sample 0,02L = 1 coupon) plus one coupon worth €4 for the purchase of the entire bottle. If you run out of coupons you can purchase more directly in the cellars.

The viners expect you on Friday to Saturday 22nd and 23th of March 2023. The cellars are open from 4 PM on Friday and 2 PM on Saturday to 10PM both days + there is an afterparty on Saturday until the midnight. For more information or to book the tickets please contact Matus at or +421 948004530.

Winemakers and wineries who will be happy to host you as part of Koštúfka 2024:

■ Cellar No. 1, Detvianska 33
● Vinohradníctvo a vinárstvo Miloš Máťuš

■ Cellar No. 2, Nám. A. Hlinku 3, Račianska vinotéka
● Vinárstvo Augustín Zacharda

■ Cellar No. 3, Alstrova 247, Obecná pivnica
● Vinárstvo Benedikt Žitný

■ Cellar No. 4, Alstrova 243
● Vinárstvo Michal Kompauer

■ Cellar No. 5, Alstrova 235
● Rodinné vinárstvo Adams Family

■ Cellar No. 6, Alstrova 157
● Vinárstvo Eduard Brychta

■ Cellar No. 7, Alstrova 150
● Vinárstvo František Krajčírovič
● Vinárstvo Michal Šušanin

■ Cellar No. 8, Alstrova 60
● Vinárstvo Peter Fiala s rodinou

■ Cellar No. 9, Alstrova 19
● Vinárstvo Karol Križanovič

■ Cellar No. 10, Alstrova 11/A
● Vinárstvo Rudolf Rakyta

■ Cellar No. 11, Vtáčikova cesta 25
● Rodinné vinárstvo Hulanský

■ Cellar No. 12, Barónka 3 (pivnica pod Nemeckým kultúrnym domom)
● Vinárstvo Mojura
● Rodinné vinárstvo Šedivý
● Vinárstvo KOLLÁR winery s.r.o.
● Víno KYPUS
● Víno Lednár
● Vinárstvo Ivan Holík
● Vinárstvo Bednarič a Združenie Thall.