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Tradition Untraditionally: Wood

The ÚĽUV Gallery presents the first of its new Tradition Untraditionally series of materials-based exhibitions approaching the phenomenon of wood in unexpected contexts – design from museum collections to contemporary works looking towards the future.

The exhibition wishes to introduce the public to wood’s variety of forms; how it lives alongside the mankind, changes and always surprises. The exhibition displays design in three chronological stages: the past, the present and the future. The philosophy behind this encounter of wooden objects is to reveal the new energy found in the cooperation between artists and ÚĽUV.

In order to make these intentions clear, contrasting wooden items divided into thematic groups are installed in each of the gallery’s rooms. Particular sections are arranged according to the main functions in which wood is dominant: containers, toys, furniture, musical instruments, walking sticks and jewellery.

Wood as a material for creating practical objects offers unlimited opportunities, and one of the themes – containers – could easily fill up the whole gallery. However, curators decided to follow the idea of displaying the variety in which wood is used, narrowing the selection to areas where wood is naturally found. Attentive visitors are thus able to see the technological difficulty of working with wood, from traditional manual forms, through mechanical techniques to digital ones.

The presentation also includes a virtual gallery of important ÚĽUV masters active in woodworking. More information on their work can be found using the interactive screen.