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Get a Beer in One of the TOP 10 Pubs

1. Dunajský pivovar (Danube Brewery)

This place offers a unique opportunity to enjoy delicious beer on the first brewery situated directly on the Danube river. If you love beer, you might appreciate the possibility to witness the whole beer production process. A beautiful view is a given.


2. Bratislavský meštiansky pivovar (Bratislava Burgess Brewery)

Local brewery on Drevená street follows on in the tradition of the well known city brewery called “Die Bürgerliche Brauerei”, producing beer with state-of-the-art technology. The quality cuisine is an attraction itself.

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3. Fabrika – The Beer Pub

A stylish pub which offers not only an on-site brewed beer, but also delicious foods, such as their popular Fabrika burger.

4. Kláštorný pivovar (Monastic Brewery)

Come and taste Monastic beer, brewed from the first-class, fresh ingredients using the fermentation process known from olden days, under the supervision of skilled brewmasters.

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6. Ventúrska Klubovňa

Great beer and delicious food – that is Ventúrska Klubovňa. A perfect place to enjoy a sports match, thanks to a large LCD screen.

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6. U čerta (At The Devil’s)

An interesting pub with a unique lively atmosphere, but be sure to come earlier on a Friday night, as the place usually gets filled very quickly.

7. 1. Slovak Pub

A traditional Slovak pub with an old-fashioned atmosphere, where you can choose from the largest selection of Slovak beers and foods. 

8. Beer Palace

Real historical beer palace from 16th century, located right in the centre of Bratislava, offers the best non-pasteurized beer, such as the famous Pilsner Urquell.

9. Čierny pes (Black Dog)

If you want to to escape the usual crowded streets of the Old Town, this small, cozy pub, situated in a quiet and narrow street is the perfect place to have a good beer.

10. Bratislava Burgess Brewery (Dunajská street)

A second Burgess Brewery was opened on Dunajská street, and is an excellent place to have a beer and enjoy the wonders of  Bratislavan cuisine.