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Get to know Bratislava through the encryption game and quiz

Bratislava Tourist Board (BTB) is launching a unique activity designed for families with children, school groups and playful adults. The urban encryption game called “The Story of the Stolen Crown” will interest all adventurers and explorers. This novelty invites participants on a fun and educational journey directly to the streets of Bratislava. The game is available for free on the website, which also includes a quiz about Bratislava

The plot of the game “The Story of the Stolen Crown” takes place in the streets of Bratislava, where the participants are accompanied by a virtual guard on their mobile phones, who was on duty at the time when the crown jewels disappeared from the chest in the castle. Their theft jeopardized the coronation ceremony of the new monarch. The guard must track down the thief and find the stolen royal treasure as soon as possible. He is helped by the players themselves, who, with his help, look for clues in real places in the historical center of Bratislava. By solving ciphers, they get to more and more stations and finally, in case of success, to the desired goal.

The game is accessible on the website and is evaluated in real time while playing it. It is intended for children between the ages of 10 and 16, school groups, but the tasks can torment even playful adults. Players can divide into groups of 2-5 members and thus use their team analytical skills to solve tasks.

The urban encryption game “The Story of the Stolen Crown” includes 18 tasks that lead players through almost the entire historical center of Bratislava. Completing the game takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. Teams get points for completing tasks. A total of 118 can be obtained, while hints can be used for each task, for which points are deducted. The time spent in the game has no influence on the point result. The best of the team will be published on the website in the table with results.

The tasks in the cipher game are tied primarily to the coronation theme. While completing them, players will also learn a lot of interesting things from this famous almost 300-year history of Bratislava. As part of the search for ciphers, less conspicuous places and things located on the busy streets of our capital are brought to the players’ attention. Thanks to this, this game will also interest people who know Bratislava.

The city encryption game can be accessed free of charge on the website, where there is also a knowledge quiz divided into five levels. This quiz contains 500 questions from different categories like geography, history, culture, nature, science and technology.

The urban encryption game “The Story of the Stolen Crown” as well as the quiz about Bratislava are available in three language versions. In addition to Slovak, also in English and German.