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Sport in Bratislava

Bratislava is an attractive sports destination throughout the year. Athletes come to it in any weather, age and condition. Winter is no obstacle and with good snow conditions it is possible to practice various collective as well as individual sports. For families it is best to choose sledding, skiing and cross-country skiing in Bratislava’s Koliba. The course has its charm and also overlooks the snowy town – start the year with the New Year’s course over the bridges of Bratislava and continue all year on the streets of the Old Town, or wander along Horský Park.

Passive sports also count! Anyone who desires to admire art on the ice with their own eyes has a unique opportunity. Bratislava is hosting the Figure Skating European Championships in 2016. During the prestigious event the figure skating elite of men, women, dancing couples and sports pairs will compete for medals, culminating with a final Gala exhibition. Slovaks are well known ice-hockey fans; therefore the ongoing season of HC Slovan matches in KHL at the Ondrej Nepela Stadium is a true sports experience.

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