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Discover city in “eco” style

Combine a cool running workout with explorations of the city full of historical bulidings, bridges and parks. Traveling runners from Go! Running Tours Bratislava will introduce you capital of Slovakia from the perspective of the runner. There is only you + running guide + any co-runners you bring.

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This tour is perfect for people who love both history and nature. We will start our run at Devin Castle, one of Slovakia’s most picturesque castle ruins. Talking about the history of the castle starting from the 9th century, we will run through the woods of the Little Carpathian Mountains. Surrounded by the mountains we will have many opportunities to enjoy beautiful views of both castles and the Danube Delta. The next point of interest is Sandberg which dates back to the Cenozoic Age (Tethys Sea). From there we will run across the Freedom Bridge into Austria.  Soon we will enjoy great views of the Schlosshof Castle.  After visiting the castle, we will cross the bridge and run next to the Morava River and return back to Devin Castle. A funny fact about this route is that it is faster to run from castle to castle than it is to drive by car.

Tour duration: 1 to 2,5 hours, depending on the distance
Price: 15-45 € (tour guide, water, digital photos, tour route)
Tour Distance: from 6 to 15 km

Reservations:  Please book by 12am the day before your tour.

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