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Young Lions Slovakia

The winners of the film category of the national round of the prestigious international competition of young marketers present Bratislava through the emotions of visitors

Bratislava Tourist Board (BTB) became a partner of the Young Lions Slovakia competition this year. Its goal is to support young professionals and creators in the fields of advertising, marketing, PR, art and design. BTB, as a partner of the Film category, gave the young creative contestants the task of communicating the connection between the Danube and Bratislava.

The goal was not only to present the Danube and Bratislava Castle, but a more comprehensive view of Bratislava as a city with the potential to attract foreign visitors throughout the year for more than 1 day. A total of 12 teams submitted their views on the presentation of our capital as a destination, of which 6 made it to the shortlist.

How does it feel to experience Bratislava

The winners of the Film category were a team of young marketers consisting of Robert Slimák and Tomáš Ščipák. Their proposal captures the immediate feelings of people who have visited the Slovak capital and are full of emotions contacting their family members to tell them about their experiences.

Best Action Movie Ever

The team that gained the second place tried to highlight the advantage of the undiscovered interesting places in Bratislava and compare them with the better-known metropolises of the surrounding countries.

Features of Bratislava & Swim to Bratislava

Two teams split the third place. The first used the names of well-known functions of the iPhone in its design and used them to present unknown Bratislava experiences. The second one focused on the Danube. Interesting places for tourists in Bratislava were represented in their video by an unexpected hero.

The contestants had only two days to prepare and shoot their videos! Victory in the national round of the competition serves as a nomination for the international round. Two-member teams of young professionals under the age of 30 could participate in the competition.

The organizer of the Young Lions Slovakia competition is the Ad Awards Association, which is a representative of the prestigious Cannes Lions advertising festival in Slovakia, the Slovak Advertising Agencies Club, ADC Slovakia and the professional monthly Stratégie. This year, the competition had 6 categories, each of which had its own partner who specified the task for the contestants.