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Skywalk – Touch the Clouds

The Skywalk is a panorama walkaway constituting a 360-degree walk around the circumference of the Ufo Observation Deck on the SNP Bridge in Bratislava, at a height of 85 metres accompanied by a qualified instructor.

Only some attractions have the power to take your breath away and make your heart beat faster. Skywalk surely can do this. The UFO Skywalk is a unique seasonal (april-october) adrenaline attraction. It will let you enjoy the visit of the UFO observation tower from a completely different perspective.

Accompanied by a professional instructor, you will step out on a windowsill of the observation tower behind the restaurant windows and experience an extraordinary feeling of being close to the clouds and far from the ground.

As soon as you manage your first steps on a windowsill, you’ll be ready for a walk around the dome with amazing panoramic views of Bratislava. The visitor is secured with two steel rope systems and has the option of trying to lean over the edge of the walkaway at three predetermined points.

Book your skywalk and experience an unforgettable touch of the clouds.

Price: 45 €