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Axioma Cafe

Axioma is an unlikely success: way off the central beaten path in an unsightly glass building, with clouds of smoke permanently enveloping its patrons, and let‘s be honest, its quite unalluring interior.

Yet, what a success it is! Axioma makes up for its tiny disadvantages by offering decent exotic coffees, IPA beers, great lemonades, apple cider, hookahs, and tons of personality. The small outdoor terrace is packed with students in warmer months, sipping foamy hot-sellers from tap. Young folks are more than welcome here – there‘s always some great happy hour on shots, and the library invites to a lengthy stay with no consumption requirement. You can purchase some of the exhibited books for symbolic prices, and if you don‘t mind the plain hard chairs and cigarette smoke, you will enjoy spending a couple of hours in the lazy Axioma haze.