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Beer Palace

Enter the true Beer Palace! Right in the historical heart of Bratislava, a few steps from Hviezdoslav Square, there is the Beer Palace for you. You will enjoy the best beer, the most delicious food from regional and international cuisine, and lots of fun.

The Beer Palace is located in the historical Palace of the Motešický family on Gorkeho Street. Its history dates back to 1590s. The building was known for centuries as a luxury inn. Rich nobles stayed here during council meetings, court proceedings, or the coronation of Hungarian kings. The palace was rebuilt to its present form by the Motešický family, an old aristocratic Slavonic  family, whose origins date back to the 13th century.

The Beer Palace is one of the few places in Bratislava that offers Pilsner Urquell tank beer directly from the original tanks so you can enjoy it in a clean, unpasteurized form.

Thanks to the tank technology, Pilsner Urquell tank beer fully manifests its refreshing, inimitable and original taste. It is unpasteurized and yet perfectly protected. It retains its original properties. It is the freshest beer that a Pilsner brewer can offer to its regulars.