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Ceramel Honeyshop

A honey shop in the old town in Bratislava with products from a family bee farm, in addition to honey goodies, you can also find honey cosmetics and more

All products are homemade, made by the hands of family members. Even if they do not produce something themselves, they make sure that a friendly manufacturer also adheres to the principle of hand-made production.

The name of the farm comes from two Latin words – cera (wax) and mel (honey), which describe what the Grgul family have been doing for more than 30 years – beekeeping, processing honey and bee products and making beeswax candles.

The small family business consists of the parents (Zdenka and Dušan), who mainly take care of production and logistics, the son (Filip) and his friend (Pete) are in charge of the store and everything around it, and the daughter (Alexandra) who takes care of the e-shop.