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Chatam Sofer Memorial

This memorial was named after the main pressburg’s Rabbi Moshe Schreiber, also known as Chatam Sofer, who was one of the leading personalities of european judaism in the 19th century.

Only 23 graves including the one of Chatam Sofer remained from the old jewish cemetery dating back to the 17 th century. The cemetery was distroyed in 1943. The graves were encircled by a concrete shell and covered with panels for decades. In 2000-2002 the whole site was redeveloped and the gravestones were restored. The architect Martin Kvasnica designed a striking new complex that adheres to the strict requirements of the Halakhah (Jewish law) as well as to the highest standards of contemporary architecture. The Mausoleum was open in 2002 and serves as a temple. Visits must be booked in advance.