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Forest City Park

The park is one of the oldest public parks in Bratislava. It is one of the most valuable natural sites almost in the city center. The park also includes a historic lodge with a cafe and a mini zoo, an outdoor gallery, and it is a popular place for walks, relaxation, and sports activities.

In the late 19th century, the Forest City Park (Horský park) was grown with many new species of trees such as yews, lindens, planes as well as ginkgo and various alien conifers. The park was formed during the artistic movement called realism. In gardening the movement promoted natural landscaping and there was also increased interest in alien plants.

Due to the harsher natural conditions that Forest City Park has (landform, different solar exposure, different humidity conditions), the trend of diverse planting did not meet with success and the Forest City Park has retained the character of an older park. The natural center of the park is a Justi’s monument with a relaxing terrace.

Historical lodge

The park is also inherently connected with a historical lodge Horský park that has become a popular place of rest, meeting point of Bratislava Old Town residents. The lodge features a garden with a playground and a libresso with excellent coffee and Bratislava’s traditional walnut and poppy bread rolls. During the summer various cultural and social events are organized there. The lodge has been renovated and opened to the public by Horský park Foundation that strongly advocates the protection and meaningful use of Horský park.

 Lesná Street 1

Don’t miss the Forrest City Park Gallery, where you can see sculptural works by Slovak authors.


Photo: Forrest Park Gallery, address: Majakovského 13