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Memorial House Of J. N. Hummel

Exhibition about the life and work of Bratislava-born and composer Johan N. Hummel (1778 – 1837) is located in the Renaissance garden house. There is a precious collection of musical instruments from the artist’s estate and samples of his notation.

In the museum breathing with history and the sound of Hummel’s music, you learn that he was one of Europe’s greatest composers and pianists. He was born at a time when the music culture of the former Pressburg, today’s Bratislava, experienced one of its peaks.

In addition to Mozart, he was taught by other great musicians, such as Antonio Salieri and Joseph Haydn. Hummel was even friends with Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Although Hummel left Bratislava during the early stages of his life, he often returned to his native town.

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