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Kaffee Mayer

Once the contractor of a Viennese courtyard, Mr. Mayer opened this cafe in 1873. The atmosphere here has not changed much since then. It was also is one of the icons of the city and many cannot imagine a Sunday afternoon without a visit to Mayer. Immediately after entering one sees that they know something about cakes here. The patisserie in the basement supplies them freshly and in a large selection. This is a cafe with a capital C.

Are you a lover of good coffee? With us you can enjoy great NABER KAFFEE brand coffee, which has specialized in the import and roasting of the finest coffees from around the world since 1908.

NABER KAFFEE 23, the type of coffee we use, is 100% Arabica, perfect espresso – fully aromatic, with intense flavor. Naber coffee stands out with finesse, full flavor, excellent noble and unmistakable taste and superior quality thanks to selected 100% Arabica coffee varieties from selected highland growing regions around the world. During the production of Naber coffee there is a traditional ritual that always comes at the end of the production cycle – a personal quality test, performed by the owners of the Naber company. They don’t know what kind of coffee it is. By tasting they should recognize the type according to the color and aroma. If they clearly recognize the type of coffee and approve its 100% quality, the coffee can be designated “Naber Kaffee”.