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Konditorei Kormuth

Konditorei Kormuth´s impressive interior captivates everyone by its magical atmosphere.

The cakes and desserts from own special bakery are bake from the finest ingredients to meet the high quality standards.We only use supreme jams with the highest content of fruit, free-range eggs, proper butter, the best French chocolate, authentic walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts from Piemonte and genuine marzipan.

We avoid any addition of artificial dyes, flavorings, preservative and others modern aids. We bake with the love for traditions following the original old recipes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Cakes and delicious Italian coffee are served on a rare, historical porcelain, which enhances the feast experience in this already unique environment. It took more than ten years to build and decorate this venue to achieve its current form.

The entire interior is complemented by original, historic andtiques from 16th-19th century all incorporating the highest artistic value. The rooms are decorated with paintings and frescoes in the Renaissance style and are thematically focused on the history of Bratislava.

The only condition for visiting the patisserie is basic 10 € tasting menu. We believe that a visit to Konditorei Kormuth patisserie will bring you an unforgettable gastronomic and artistic experience.