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LOM space is a sound laboratory of LOM, Bratislava-based label and audio equipment manufacturer. Along-side of manufacturing, it is dedicated to workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and quiet concerts.

In the biggest concrete neigbourhood Petržalka, you will find a space of sound (experimental) events, sound enthusiasts as well as a rental for sound equipment, should you decide to carry sounds of Bratislava to your home country ;)

Photo: LOM

Dedicated to fungi

The mykoLOM is a platform of LOM dedicated to fungi, lichen, yeasts, and other related organisms. It was founded by Jonáš Gruska in 2019 to explore the fungi, their environmental role and and their relationship to art, medicine, food, and biodegradable materials. Since its beginning it has published various physical and digital publications.

Photo: LOM

It is also the name of a festival that aims to educate the general public about fungal topics and foster collaboration between artists, thinkers, and mycologists. The festival has been supported by the Slovak Mycological Society since 2022.

Publications and projects

mykoLOM festival