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Questum Escape room

QUESTUM is an entertaining center for all adventure lovers. So come and experience the atmosphere that you have never felt before. Each of our 4 escape rooms which are meant for group of 2-5 people, has its own interesting story that will drag you completely into the game.

Escape room is a new interactive game for group of people. Quantity of players depends on rules of the game. First, you will get a story of the game, which is some explanation what you need to do and then you enter the game. Inside you need to solve puzzles, find interesting connections ant then put it all together and find your way out of there. Just don’t forget, you are limited by the time that will count immediately after your entrance. So, what do you think? Can you get out in time?

At our place, at QUESTUM, you can choose from 4 different stories. Will you go to soviet Leningrad to investigate a crime that leads to a mysterious flat? Or will you rather go chasing the secret of well-known physicist? Will you taste how it is like to fight for your own life? But after all, maybe some cursed Mayans are just the right party for you. Go, get your friends, family, colleagues or just anyone you know and have some nice unique experience with them. Don’t hesitate. Come to us, to QUESTUM.

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