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Specialised cocoa shop KakawCo+

One of its kind in central Europe, this place offers the best of single origin coca beans you can find and taste.

If you haven’t been to a cocoa shop yet, you should try our Bratislava one, they don’t even have it in Vienna or Prague. And although we are raised on Granko here in Slovakia, here they will show you what real Colombian or Peruvian cocoa is. Kakawco is served here in cups made by a local ceramicist, and the kakawcá are packed in an integrated packaging plant in Bratislava, so by drinking this healthy drink you are supporting a good cause. The motto of the owner is that they combine premium (cocoa) with social (business).

Cocoa, chocolate, and cocoa beans can be enjoyed here by fans who are no strangers to terms such as single origin, nut also by children, athletes, and even truckers. Beans can be used for energy while driving instead of coffee. There is a healthy drink or delicacy for everyone. Scientists from the Slovak Academy of Sciences have proven that this in fact really is so. In addition, the generation that likes cocoa butter also likes to come here out of nostalgia.

The cocoa shop is around the corner from the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre, or along the road from the center to the Blue Church, and tram No. 4 stops here at the Jesenského stop.