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Romantic Bratislava

Savour the panorama of old and modern Bratislava, enjoy your time together

Discover romantic nooks, explore narrow streets, take a walk down the riverfront. Go in the nature. Get inspired by the views, find culture. Choose from the two castles. Bratislava Castle as well as Devín Castle belong to the most romantic places in all Slovakia.

Admire Bratislava day and night. As evening draws in and the city lights twinkle to life, capital of Slovakia takes on a magical mantle. Soak in the winsome atmosphere of illuminated monuments. You will find out how enchanting is to see Bratislava lit up at night.

Find together the magic of love in the city on the Danube. Have a look at Bratislava from the most beautiful perspective and collect the unforgettable memories. If you’re looking for something special to enjoy, romantic Bratisava is the place to be.