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Experience the wine in a different way!

Do you know what is the ideal light like for a wine tasting? It would be ideal if the wine were drunk only in a sunlit vineyard. In this case, it will show off in its full beauty and fullness.
But have you ever tried to drink it in a different way? We offer you three unique experiencing tasting events of regional wines – in total darkness, with music and in coloured light and wine tasting event of 5 selection Little Carpathian wines.

Make your senses prick up IN TOTAL DARKNESS

An experiencing wine tasting event of the Little Carpathian wines in total darkness.
–    guests are drinking wine in total darkness
–    during wine tasting, the samples being tasted are commented and compared to the taste “under the light”
–    your senses are heightened in darkness, and they perceive the wine differently

( 5 wines + surprise, price: 15 €/pers. )


Make your senses prick up FOR MUSIC AND COLOURS

An experiencing wine tasting event of the Little Carpathian wines.
–    guests are drinking wine under various coloured lighting, and yet it tastes differently each time
–    every colour of the lighting is accompanied by a different kind of music
–    during tasting event, the wines sampled are commented, taste intensity is identified, and tastes in different lighting are compared.

( 5 wines, price: 15 €/pers. )



Experiencing wine tasting event of 5 selection Little Carpathian wines.
–    interactive visit to the museum’s permanent exhibition
–    wine tasting of 5 Little Carpathian wines in intriguing cellar premises
–    Specialist lecture or a free discussion on the samples tested depending on your preferences

( 5 wines, price: 15 €/pers. )


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