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Rafting for 6 persons

Experience the power of water, the ability to co-operate and stand together, and of course a lot of fun on a unique channel in Europe

Rafting on wild water is an adrenaline sport for four – six-member crew. Together with our instructor, you will sail down the channel and gradually acquire the paddling and crossing techniqies.

In the Water Sport Resort Divoka Voda:
The two main channels are interconnected at several points to offer multiple track combinations. The water difficulty ranges from WW II to IV; we are able to regulate this difficulty with water flaps that let the water in the channels.

Cunovo channel offers 5 different track types, each one is 460 m long. The combination of the 1st and 2nd track and the WW II difficulty class are used most often. The channels end with two outlets that flow directly into the Danube.

In the feed channel, which is 255 m long, 14 m wide and 1,2 m deep, the water is silent (quiet). It serves for the crew preparation before entering the main channel.


Activity Duration Price
group rafting (minimum 4 people), instructor, equipment
90 minutes 30€/person
Rafting – single
rafting 1 person, instructor included, equipment
90 minutes 50€/person
Rafting – single
rafting 1 person, includes instructor, rescuer, equipment
90 minutes 65€/person

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