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Wine Tasting in the Darkness

Wine tasting in the darkness? Total darkness? You won’t see anything, but still not blindfolded? Yes, exactly! This winetasting is much more different than any other tasting you have ever been to. This unique experience will let you feel things and flavors you may not feel before. During the degustation your vision sense is silenced, but thanks to that all other senses are more much stronger. Suddenly you can smell and taste the whole new level of flavors and smells. Fruity, spicy, flowered and many others smells which you wouldn’t even consider linking with wine you may feel during the winetasting. The degustation is suitable for beginners, but also for experienced wine lovers.

The Degustation is held in historical cellar with no natural or artificial light. Sommelier has a night vision glasses so he can do all he needs to make you evening special. You still cannot imagine how it works? Well, come and join us for wine tasting in the darkness. Order special experience for your friends, family or colleagues.

Minimum group: 12 people

Price: 35€/person

Price includes: tasting of 7+1 slovak wines, homemade bread, sommelier explanation

Duration: app. 2 hours