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The capital through the eyes of artists from the Slovak National Theatre

Tomáš Maštalír, Gabika Dzuríková and Milan Ondrík will show you that Bratislava is also your city

Bratislava, formerly known as Pressburg, is still undoubtedly a cultural hub. You will find here a wide variety of museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas, clubs, cabarets, bars, cafes and restaurants that make today’s Bratislava what it is. Did you know that about a third of the city’s visitors are interested in cultural events and monuments?

You will never go bored in Bratislava. Start off with some light sightseeing, visit a museum or a gallery, and enjoy a play in the theatre in the evening. Make sure you to stay longer than just a couple of days, you won’t regret it! The offer is really varied, just like Bratislava in all seasons.

Visiting the capital means getting your hands on European history, enjoying Mediterranean-like atmosphere of the city towering over the river, feeling the vibe of the ancient city, getting to know the modern side of the city, enjoying a ride on mountain bike trails or long walks along the Danube’s bays. To finish off the day, enjoy a play, opera or ballet performance in the Slovak National Theatre.

In our promo video, the three well-known actors talk about what they love doing in the capital. Will you follow their lead and explore hidden gems of the city for yourself?

Today, Bratislava is home to people from all around Slovakia. To reflect this cosmopolitan nature of the capital, we chose celebrities who were not born or raised in Bratislava, but who came here to pursue their acting career. Members of the Slovak National Theatre Drama Company – actress Gabika Dzuríková and actors Tomáš Maštalír and Milan Ondrík will tell you all you need to know about the city.

The videos feature the Old Market, the green roof of the Nivy complex, the Old Town Hall, the streets, squares and towers of the Old Town, the Primate’s Palace, Bratislava Castle, views from the Old Bridge, the Eurovea complex with the promenade on the Danube embankment, Forest City Park, outdoor sports grounds and Tyršák. Sneak a peek at behind the scenes of the Slovak National Theatre – definitely the best part of the video!

Enjoy a scooter ride with Tomáš, go cycling with Gabika and play sports with Milan. Gabika will take you to an art exhibition, bookstore and shopping in a shopping centre. A great cocktail is just a cherry on the top. Tomáš and Milan will show you what good food, fine Little Carpathian wines and craft beer look like. Afterwards, they will take you out for a relaxing walk with friends.

Tomáš, Gabika and Milan will take you to a less crowdy places in Bratislava, such as the Karlova Ves river branch, the Slovak National Collection of Wine and the Nedbalka Gallery. Everyone is cordially invited to the Slovak National Theatre to experience its magical atmosphere.

The theater has been a part of Bratislava’s cultural life for more than a century now. Its old building is a dominant feature of Hviezdoslav Square in the centre of the Old Town, while the new building stands proudly in the modern quarter of city on the banks of the Danube. SNT’s boasts three permanent professional ensembles – drama, opera and ballet.

Come and enjoy the diversity of the capital. Visit Bratislava and enjoy everything it has to offer, including exceptional cultural experiences at the Slovak National Theatre.