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All About 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship for Fans


Even though the tickets for the Slovak national team matches or the matches of the higher-ranking countries are no longer available, the fans can still buy tickets for interesting matches of the highest world quality. Ticket prices start at 10 EUR and increase with the attractiveness of individual teams. The Organizing Committee renewed the sale of tickets in the brick-and-mortar shops of the official dealer, Ticketportal. At the same time, Ticketportal cancels the possibility of booking tickets via the internet (and picking them up in person). Tickets will be sold until the beginning of the 2019 IIHF World Championship. The sale of the remaining tickets will continue during the Championship (internet, brick-and-mortar shops, the ticket offices at the stadiums – these are open every day from 9.00 AM).

General information for fans

  • Stadiums open 1 hour 30 minutes before the first match of the day
  • One person per one ticket –  children of all ages need their own tickets to enter the stadium
  • After each match, spectators must leave the stadium
  • After the stadium has been emptied, the spectators with valid tickets for the next match are allowed in
  • Spectators are advised to come to the stadium in advance to go through security checks
  • Every fan must have a proof of identity and a valid ticket on him/ her throughout the match
  • Spectators must sit in the place for which they purchased the ticket
  • After the match, spectators must leave the stadium as soon as possible
  • Spectators under the influence of alcohol are not allowed to enter the stadium


You can experience a true hockey atmosphere at the stadium as well as in the fanzone. The fanzone is located on the Trnava Square in front of Istropolis, and opens its gates on 10 May. The area is within walking distance from the Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium in Bratislava. Fans can look forward to fun activities and refreshments and watch the Championship matches. The fanzone is open for all hockey enthusiasts, not just those with match tickets. There is no entry fee. In addition to enjoying matches on large screens, visitors can look forward to a rich accompanying program.

The fanzone will be divided into two sections. The first section is dedicated to partners and sponsors of the World Championship – there will be various activities prepared for visitors and match tickets will be drawn every day, so evens fans without match tickets may get lucky and win free tickets to the arena and enjoy a live match. There will also be sales stands with souvenirs and jerseys of individual teams. The second section of the fanzone offers visitors a rich offer of meals and drinks where they can sit and watch the Championship matches on the large screen.  Interesting bands and music production from well-known DJs wait for fans every day.

Fanzone Opening Hours:
Two-match play days (at 16:15 PM and at 20:15 PM) – from 2 PM.
Three-match play days (at 12:15 PM, 16:15 PM and 20:15 PM) – from 11:00 AM.
Both fanzones close their gates 1 hour after the end of the evening match.

ENTRY to fanzones – FREE OF CHARGE

The fanzones will be open from 10 May to 26 May 2019.


The World Championship also changed the appearance of a new attraction at Bratislava’s Rybné Square. The building called Rotunda is installed in the immediate vicinity of Bratislava’s New Bridge and, in addition to promoting the Championship in the city center, it offers visitors the opportunity to take interesting photos.

Ondrej Nepela Stadium

The venue of the Ice Hockey World Championship 2019 is the Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium (former names – the Samsung Arena, ST Arena, T-Com Arena), the oldest ice hockey hall in Slovakia.

The oldest sprinkled ice area in Bratislava was put into operation in 1871. The first ice skating rink on today’s Trnava road began to be built on October 28, 1939. It was put into operation before Christmas 1940, the first official ice hockey meeting was held on 21 December 1940. The ice rink, however, was not covered, and the sector for spectators featured only 300 seats. The first tribunes were built between 1948 and 1949, thus increasing the capacity to 11,000 spectators. In 1958, the ice rink got covered for the European Figure Skating Championships and more than 4,000 seats were added.

Its today’s capacity is 10,000 seats.


Odbojárov 9
831 04 Bratislava-Nové Mesto

Security around the stadiums

Movement around the stadium is free except the safety zone in the immediate vicinity of the arenas. It is not permitted to bring banned items (listed below), oversized luggage (luggage that a fan cannot store so as not to bother other fans – small backpacks and handbags are allowed), meals and drinks to the security zone in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. Luggage storage will be provided free of charge at both stadiums. Smoking in stadiums is forbidden – fans are allowed to leave and return to the stadium, it is important to always go through the turnstile system.

Banned items

Banned items include firearms, pyrotechnics, cold weapons, poles, boxers, etc., any food and drink, whistles, vuvuzelas, trumpets, megaphones and the like, devices whose light affects other event participants, for example flashlights, flashers, beacons, laser pointers, etc., flags on iron or wood poles (only flags on plastic poles with a maximum length of 1.5 m are allowed), any device or apparatus that could be used to produce audio / video recordings, broadcast or otherwise stream matches via the Internet or other media, send messages, descriptions or results of the Event (in a whole or part thereof), excluding mobile phones, tablets and PDA devices, cameras with telephoto lens, umbrellas, any animals.



The mascot for the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship will be a bear whose name Macejko was chosen by a fans’ vote. The mascot will be dressed in a shepherd’s hat and belt.

Official website of International Ice Hockey Federation

Facebook of International Ice Hockey Federation

Game Schedule

Important spots on the map:

PARKING LOTS DURING 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

  • Parking lot Tyršovo nábřeží. The capacity of this parking lot is 250 passenger cars and 30 buses.
  • Parking lot ŠKP Dúbravka football stadium. The capacity of the parking lot is about 295 passenger cars and 25 buses.
  • Parking lot Zlaté piesky. The capacity of the parking lot is about 350 passenger cars and 30 buses.
  • Parking lot Former Technical Services of the City of Bratislava / Technická Street. The capacity of the parking lot is about 250 passenger cars.

Bratislava CARD

The sporting event and visit to Bratislava can be joined with a wealth of gastronomical and cultural experiences. Thanks to the Bratislava CARD City & Region and a number of discounts of up to 100% you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. A further advantage is free public transport in the entire Bratislava region.


Group A

        Canada                          Great Britain                  France                  Denmark


     Slovakia                             Germany                   Finland                             USA

Group B

      Sweden                                 Italy                           Austria                          Latvia

    Norway                               Switzerland               Czech republic                 Russia