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Around Devínska Kobyla

What is the view like from the highest hill of Bratislava? Devínska Kobyla is a massive wooded hill with a unique observation tower. Its summit hides the mysterious military objects of an abandoned missile base

On this adventurous route, you will enjoy riding on forest roads, steep ascents and descents. However, you can also enjoy the majestic Devín castle and its magical surroundings.

Starting point: Karlova Ves, Dlhé diely, terminus of buses 32, 33
Route length: 19.8 kms (missile base at Devínska Kobyla not included)
Trip time (including breaks): 3 h
Terrain: hilly
Surface: 40% paved, 60% natural
In traffic: 20%
Difficulty: hard
Bikesharing: no
Download the GPX file here

The route starts at the top of the Dlhé diely housing estate in Karlova Ves. The asphalt road ends after a while, and you continue on the forest road with slight elevations. Before Dúbravská hlavica (A) you will get back on the asphalt road, which will lead you up to the summit of Devínská Kobyla (514 m above sea level). If you prefer a natural surface, there is also a forest trail alongside the asphalt road.

Before the concrete entrance to the former missile base, the navigation tells you to turn right into the forest. However, continue on the asphalt road up the steep hill as high as you can. If you’re of a curious nature, take a peek inside the abandoned concrete silos, bunkers and barracks nearby (B). They were built by the Czechoslovak People’s Army during the Cold War to defend the city from missiles from the West. The observation tower (C) at the summit in the shape of a praying mantis will give you spectacular views of Bratislava, the Little Carpathians, the Danube, the Morava River and Austria. With the help of navigation, you can expect a steep descent through a well- reserved beech forest and a ride on a forest road through the western foothills of Devínská Kobyla.

Next, you will pass through vineyards (D) and a new residential area to Devín. If you’re craving a snack or history, bike up to Devín Castle (E), where you’ll find it all. After the Gronáre settlement gardens (F), you ascend again into the Carpathian forests. The route’s final leg through steep ascents and valleys will be tough, but the views from the natural meadow Kráľova hora (G) above Dlhé diely are worth of it. Finally, you can enjoy the descent to the Danube, whose embankment will lead you to the city centre from the housing estate.

By clicking on “Zobraziť na” on your mobile and downloading the app, you can use navigation directly based on your location. Enjoy the route!