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City Hills and Panoramas

If you are interested in seeing Bratislava from above and are not afraid of hills, then this route is for you. Just a few streets and vertical metres above the city centre, you will find peaceful neighbourhoods with views and a lot of greenery

You will discover the wild Horský park, the grandiose Slavín monument and Bratislava castle.

Starting point: Square Hodžovo námestie
Route length: 6.7 kms
Trip time (including breaks): 2 hrs
Terrain: 175 m
Surface: 100% paved
In traffic: 73%
Difficulty: moderate
Bikesharing: yes
Download the GPX file here

The route starts at square Hodžovo námestie (A) in the city centre. At the end of the 19th Century, the palisades leading to Bratislava Castle became the showcase of the social elite of Prešporok (former name of Bratislava). There are wealthy townhouses along the side streets as well.

You will not miss two magnificent buildings on Hlboká cesta. The former sanatorium on the left has been turned into a restaurant and apartments. To the right of it an elegant red-brick primary school building rises, a former orphanage (B). Here begins the ascent without traffic. Street Hlboká cesta was carved into the rock back in the 15th Century.

Leave your bikes by the stairs built in stone on the right hand side of the road and discover probably the most peaceful place in Bratislava. The Lourdes Cave (C) was founded in a former quarry in 1889 by a local countess after visiting the French Lourdes.

Refresh yourself in the legendary Funus pub (D) or in the cosy Horáreň Horský park (E) a little way further on. There is also a mini zoo, a nature gallery on the opposite side and the peacefulness of the forest of Bratislava’s wildest park. Street Novomestská ulica will take you to the memorial of the fallen Soviet soldiers, Slavín (F). The views both east and south are spectacular. However, please get off your bike in the Slavín area; cycling is not allowed here.

Continue cycling with the panorama of Bratislava Castle on your left. From street Radvanská ulica, you will get new views (G) over the west, the Danube and Austria. Bratislava Castle (H) is just down the hill. Lock your bike outside Parliament and walk to its terrace or explore the castle grounds, enjoying views of the river and the Old Town.

Then, get down to the town along the castle walls. Watch out for pedestrians and cobblestones. You will come back to the starting point through street Židovská ulica with a view of the majestic St. Martin’s Cathedral (I), the city walls and the Capuchin Monastery (J).

By clicking on “Zobraziť na” on your mobile and downloading the app, you can use navigation directly based on your location. Enjoy the route!