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The Iron Curtain and Bunkers

Massive concrete bunkers, like silent witnesses of the second World war, still surround Bratislava. The barbed wires of the iron curtain are memorialised only by a small example of the wires and an asphalt path for border guards

Nowadays, it will lead you along the Danube through the riparian forests and fields on the western outskirts of Bratislava.

Starting point: Square Šafárikovo námestie
Route length: 18.5 kms
Trip time (including breaks): 2 hrs
Terrain: flat
Surface: 95% paved, 5% natural
In traffic: 0%
Difficulty: easy
Bikesharing: yes
Download the GPX file here

The loop starts at square Šafárikovo námestie in the city centre. Continue under the bridge Most SNP to the other bank, surrounded by the greenery of city park Sad J. Kráľa (A) and the Tyrš embankment. The concrete cycling highway (Eurovelo 6) will lead you to bridge Most Lanfranconi. Turn into the jungles of the riparian forests to the beaches of the Pečňa Riviera (B). It is worth making a turn onto one of the forest paths.

The first of the 15 military bunkers of the defensive line against Hitler’s Germany can be seen not far from the beaches right by the road. However, the wild interior of the BS-1 bunker “Štěrkovište” (C) is only for the more adventurous. A few hundred metres more, and you are already wandering along the border with Austria.

A barbed-wire demonstration with an information board (D) commemorates the period of attempts to escape to the West. The left turn after it will lead you to the BS-4 bunker “Lány” (E). Enthusiasts also do occasional tours here. Cross the road before the border crossing to Austria (F) and continue along the border through the fields.

At the symbolic stone, where you can stand with each foot in a different country, go to the second restored bunker with museum “Hřbitov” (G), referring to the local military cemetery from the First World War. There is also a demonstration of the Iron Curtain border, an anti-tank barrier, and an army shelter demonstration. Just before the Slovakia/Bratislava border sign, stop at the Hartmut Tautz Memorial (H), a student from East Germany who died here in 1986 while trying to escape to his dream West. Finally, you can return to the city centre via the cycling path on Kopčianska Street. The former industrial district is gradually giving way to modern construction.

Near Petržalka railway station, notice the historic house built at the end of the 19th Century using the “Fachwerk” method (I) . From here you continue along the pleasant cycling route of the Petržalka promenade, “petržalské korzo” (J). At the bridge Starý most, you will reach Viedenská cesta, and by crossing the bridge Starý most you will return to square Šafárikovo námestie.

By clicking on “Zobraziť na” on your mobile and downloading the app, you can use navigation directly based on your location. Enjoy the route!