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The Petržalka Loop

Prefabs and wilderness. South of the city centre you will find exciting contrasts. Explore the largest socialist housing estate in the former Czechoslovakia, which is flanked by the majestic Danube. However, there is more to Petržalka than just apartment buildings

You will also discover monumental art along the route, an abandoned military bunker and the largest sundial in Slovakia.

Starting point: Square Štefánikovo námestie
Route length: 14.5 kms
Trip time (including breaks): 2 hrs
Terrain: flat
Surface: 100% paved
In traffic: 8%
Difficulty: easy
Bikesharing: yes
Download the GPX file here

The right bank of the Danube is as flat as a pancake; you won’t break a sweat. After the bridge Starý most (A) , the natural heart of Petržalka, the water arm of Danube Chorvátske rameno (B) , will lead your way. Look for frogs, fish, and beavers. After the footbridge to the other side, make a detour through the small forest to the only existing monumental mural “Peace” (C) , on the wall of a prefab with 450m2. Thanks to local activists, the original work from 1985 has been restored after being insulated.

Two kilometres further south, past the Petržalka “skyscraper” Technopol and the modern Holy Family Church (D), you will see a large lake Veľký Draždiak (E). It was created as a gravel pit during the construction of a housing estate and, today, with its beaches and clean water, it is a pleasant place to refresh oneself. You can also stop by the snack bar for a lángos and kofola, beer or sausage.

Not far from the lake and behind the giant Antolská hospital on the right side of the water arm, there is a piece of concrete hiding in the bushes, and it is not just any piece of concrete. The massive BS-13 “Stoh” bunker (F) was built by the Czechoslovak army before World War II as part of the fortification of Bratislava when Hitler’s Germany began to get its claws out. Eventually, it was left standing without a fight. But, if you are brave, it is worth a peek.

Further along the arm, you will get to the Petržalka dam. This cycle highway (Eurovelo 6) of Bratislava will lead you northwards back to the centre. However, before getting there, turn left under bridge Prístavný most to see the Sundial (G) near the University of Economics. The Sundial is the largest in our country and has been showing the time from 7 am to 5 pm since 1986. If you want to do some arm workouts, you can climb over them, as they also serve as an original climbing wall.

It’s just a stone’s throw back to the city centre from the Sundial along the dam and across the bridge Starý most. A different world. However, Petržalka remains one of the distinctive identities of Bratislava. And the cycling here is excellent.

By clicking on “Zobraziť na” on your mobile and downloading the app, you can use navigation directly based on your location. Enjoy the route!