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Coronavirus: Current Information and Safety Measures

The state of emergency and curfew apply in Slovakia. You can find all current information on the website of or website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The following measures are applicable starting from 3 March 2021:

  • a curfew applies throughout the Slovak Republic,
  • from 16 March is travelling for a recreation purposes not allowed,
  • with a stricter regime is aplicable from 8:00 PM until 1:00 AM
  • the exception for nature walks outside the district is abolished, in Bratislava is prohibited from going outside the region
  • if it is necessary to travel to work, you are obligated to prove yourself with a certificate from the employer specifying the working hours and place of work,
  • the obligation to wear the FFP2 respirator is introduced from 8 March 2021 in all facilities and public transport, from 15 March 2021 also in all interiors (except households),
  • as of 8 March, the exemption allowing the positive person to leave the house for any purpose is prohibited, except for a reasoned visit to a doctor and pharmacy,
  • disabled people and their companions will also be able to shop in the hours reserved for pensioners on the basis of a ZTP card and an assistant card,
  • police control over compliance as well as border control will increase significantly,
  • from 8 February 2021, a COVID automat applies throughout Slovakia. Bratislava currently falls into the “burgundy” level – the second-strictest level:
    –  you can go to the nature with a valid negative test within the region
    –  a negative test to work is required every 7 days
    –  you can get tested at these points
  • all facilities are closed, except those that provide basic needs (food, drugstores, etc.).
  • public catering facilities (restaurants, pubs, cafés, etc.) may operate window sales or to pack food for a take-away only.
  • all ski resorts are closed.
  • the number of customers in facilities is limited to one person per 15 square meters.
  • dedicated shopping hours at grocery stores and drug stores for older people from 9 to 11 AM – shopping is also permitted outside of these hours, however, using these dedicated times is strongly advised.
  • churches, places for theatrical, musical, movie and other art performances are not allowed to provide their services.
  • outdoor and indoor swimming pools, saunas, water parks, gyms and wellness centres are closed.
  • masks MUST be worn both indoors and outdoors;
  • masks are NOT OBLIGED when in nature, for members of the same household, or when the strangers are more than 5 metres apart.

Visits to museums, galleries and other attractions in Bratislava are not possible. More information on the curfew can be found HERE.

It is currently possible to fly from and to Bratislava from these destinations just for a business purposes. To travel for recreation purposes is not allowed.

Entry of Foreigners during the COVID-19 Situation

All persons entering the territory of the Slovak Republic are obliged to:

  • to register at the latest immediately upon entering the Slovak Republic at the website,
  • during their stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic to submit a confirmation of the fulfilment of the obligation pursuant to paragraph 4 letter a) to members of the Police Force of the Slovak Republic,
  • undergo a laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19 at the earliest on the eighth day of isolation in the home environment or in a quarantine accommodation facility,
  • children under the age of ten are obliged to undergo a diagnosis of COVID-19 if so determined by the relevant regional public health office or healthcare provider who provides healthcare in the paediatric specialization and with whom the child has a healthcare agreement concluded,
  • persons entering the territory of the Slovak Republic by air are also obliged to fill in an electronic form for passenger search in connection with the protection of public health.

For detailed infomration visit Travel to Slovak Republic at the website.

The latest measures for mass public events:

The Public Health Authority banned any and all public events of cultural, sport, social and/or other nature. All public events are forbidden (except for weddings, baptisms and funerals, with a limitation maximum of 6 participants).

The exception will also be applicable for professional league games (football, ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, handball – First League), however, without spectators, and the players will be regularly tested for COVID-19.

Another exception is applicable for gatherings organised pursuant to law (municipal councils, national parliament gatherings, courts), provided that the established pandemic measures are met.

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