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92xxx22 medium vitae

This retrospective exhibition is a curatorial selection of works by Miroslav Debnár on the occasion of his jubilee

It focuses on the past three decades of his active creative activity – these represent exactly half of the author’s life, which is reflected in the very name of the exhibition. The time period of the selection of works represents half of the author’s life (medium vitae).

Through interior photographs, Miroslav Debnár allows you to look not only into public spaces that can be an inspiration, but also into the private premises of family houses and apartments. It represents a total of 30 interiors, which were created between 1992 and 2022.

A substantial part of the exhibition is dedicated to the design and implementation of interiors, but there is also a broader spectrum of the author’s work, characterized by overlaps in architectural and product design. Unconventional designer furniture elements and accessories are most often tied to a specific interior and a specific user.

Through visualizations and especially photo documentation of realized works, the exhibition gives an insight not only into public areas (offices, commercial spaces, wellness, hotels), but also into the privacy of particular family houses and apartments.

The diversity of the approach to the solution of a specific space, supplemented by atypical elements, adds uniqueness to the interiors and shows design possibilities. Each problem that the author solves has a different characteristic, and thus represents a different challenge, a different way of perceiving the situation and determines a different behavior, a different inspiration, and a choice of methods.

And this is where the author’s characteristic creativity, thoughtfulness and (joke) are fully manifested, which in the final solution synergistically combine with a unique artistic vision, attention to detail and precision of craftsmanship.