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Alena Adamíková and Viktor Hulík in Danubiana


One of the remarkable contemporary surrealist artists paints naturalistic portraits with a strong contrast of colors and texture. After ten years of work, Alena Adamíková returns to the roots. She describes life through mystical world in which fairy tales turn into reality.

It seems that her work always hides the notion of family safety, which is being threatened in the modern society where individuality and loneliness are on the rise.

The exhibition includes her masterpieces such as The Way Home, The Face Remains a Puzzle, Storytellers and Little Giants. The works reflect the artistic development and timelessness of Adamík’s work. The exhibition also includes the Infants series, which received very good responses outside Slovakia at exhibitions in Dresden and Sibiu in 2017 and 2018.

VIKTOR HULÍK – VARIABILY (74+460/28 = 70 VH)

The jubilee exhibition of one of the most important visual artists of Slovak visual art, Viktor Hulík (1949), is well known not only in Europe but also abroad. This is evidenced by the many invitations and participations in Europe’s most important exhibition projects. The exhibition entitled VARIABILY (74 + 460/28 = 70 VH) presents an overview of Hulík’s recent work up to 2019.

The linear sign, which changes shapes, is present across all Hulík’s works. The sign becomes a variable geometric figure.

And again, as in all of the artist’s work, new structures and lines intersect, penetrate space, hang on to one another, or reveal a new visual world through their movement. The very artistic idea is the opposite of the technological medium – the computer, the movement casts doubt on stability, just as dynamism denies static.

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