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Fairytale Modra

The enchanting townlet of Modra will be even more charming, nay fabulous, last June weekend

The last weekend of the school year in Modra will traditionally bring the world of fairy tales to children and adults. The puppet theatre festival will lay out its stage here on June 25 and 26 for the tenth jubilee year. Great actors and their fairy tale heroes will come, adults will read fairy tales to children in a popular tent full of duvets, and you can make your puppet in creative workshops.

Experience charming first summer weekend in the surroundings of the park by the lake at the Ľudovít Štúr Cultural House as well inside it. Modra will be ipsissimis verbis really all fairy-tale this year and full of a programmes for toddlers and adults thus opening its gates to absolutely everyone. The symbol of the puppet theatre festival is the free, savvy, cheerful and fearless Gašparko by artist and illustrator Jan Wajck Vajsábel.


During the first summer weekend afternoons, children and adults will enjoy fairy tales in the park by the lake at the Ľudovít Štúr Cultural House in Modra, in case of unfavourable weather inside its premises. Games, competitions, a fairytale tent, a reading room, an area full of attractions and goodies and other fairytale allurements await you. This year’s Fairytale Modra will also guide you through the world and history of puppets. Anyway, do you know what is the difference between a galanty show, marionette play or a glove puppet theatre?

Fairytale Modra will also offer a children’s wooden carousel and other attractions, creative workshops, a tent full of fairytale feathers and fairy tales, which will be read by Uncle Mrkvička in the presentation of Tibor Hujdič on Saturday and Veronika Hajdučíková on Sunday. You can look forward to a puppet shop U Modrušky with Tatiana Šulíková and lectors, an Eco workshop or What grows in the gardens with Maruška Kratochvívová and funny games with LUSK in the Playful Forest.


While Blesa and Tomyslim perform a clown show on Saturday, you will spend Sunday accompanied by the puppeteer Ivan Gontek’s barrelorgan. In the area you will also find a charming corner with children’s literature, a stand with beautiful puppets, but also a Fairytale Restaurant with goodies, coffee and chocolate. Saturday’s program will be hosted by Zuzka Polonska, Sunday’s program by Agata Šikulová Petrakovičová. And there might be some surprises!

A weekend full of fairy tales and fantasies with goodies of all kinds the secrets of puppetry in Modra will be a return to childhood for adults and a pleasure for children. What’s in it for you?

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