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Feeling like home

You will feel like home in Danubiana this spring. Thanks to works of Zuzana Graus Rudavská

She feels the material in all forms and appearance of use and processing like living matter; she’s mainly excited by various structures, places where the shape gives its name to its surface.

Through them she wants to capture the most formidable and almost incomprehensible feelings: touches of land, water, air, and wind evoke a variable sea level, a mountain meadow lit by the sun or a slope furrowed by narrow fields, dew in the grass or raindrops in the hair…

Nature she accepts as her basic source of inspiration, but she is present in her work internally, subliminally, intuitively.

In the hands of Zuzana Graus Rudavska, the boundaries between “high” and “low” collapse. Free and utilitarian, rustic and artistic, her art brings about a visual and poetic transformation of nature and reality. It brings us in contact with the mysterious through delicate, quiet, unnoticed but lasting experiences.