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Festive concert to the 110th anniversary of birth of Eugen Suchoň

„When it’s dawning…“
Homage to a musical giant

At the festive concert to the 110th anniversary of birth of Eugen Suchoň (and to the 25th anniversary of his death), which is organised by the CANTUS Choir, will resound also the cycle O horách (About the Mountains) Op. 8 in arrangement for mixed choir and piano trio. The piece, which was originally written for male choir, was transcribed by the composer Zdenko Mikula for mixed choir a cappella in autumn 1993. The new rehearsals of Mikula’s transcription with facultative instrumental component was initiated by the conductor of the concert Juraj Jartim. The TECHNIK STU Choir with the conductor Petra Torkošová will take part in the concert. It will perform the lesser-known composition Spievanky (Singings), which Suchoň dedicated to the Slovak State Traditional Dance Company SĽUK.

Performers: CANTUS Choir
M. Mockovčáková – piano, J. Timčák – violin, K. Zajícová – cello,
Conductor: Juraj Jartim

Guest performers: TECHNIK STU Choir
M. Červenáková – soprano, E. Lenner – piano
Conductor: Petra Torkošová

Mirror Hall of the Primatial Palace
22nd September 2018 at 7 pm

Free admission

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