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Knights at the Devín Castle

For the third time this year, you can go back to the past at Devín Castle

On August 6, the national symbol above the confluence of rivers Moravia and the Danube will flow into the Renaissance atmosphere.

The Association of Old Martial Arts and Crafts humbly invites all the gentlepeople to the Devín Castle in order to get acquainted with the period of the Middle Ages, into which the noble well-borns will be introduced by local knights.


During the whole day, you can have fun with various pastimes, including shooting from a bow or crossbow or throwing knives, riding your kids on a wooden or live horse, but also playing in a children’s corner with various games. There will also be plenty of craft stalls.

With landsknechts, you can look into the first half of the 16th century, when European battlefields were crossed and accompanied by no less militant women. Many human qualities and the beauty of court Renaissance dance will reveal the story set at the ball. A rare visit, the Saxon ambassador, wants to please all born ladies and is not reluctant to do anything about it. You will also see a satirical, tragically tuned story from the French Wars of Religion. The theme for its creation can be found in the episode of the novel Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas.

The main point of the whole day program will be a phenomenal knight tournament in a Renaissance dress, in which four knights with their steeds will fight for the favor of the audience in skill tests, but also bold clashes in a knightly duel with the wooden lances. Come pick your favourite and cheer him up with a loud call!

Start on a journey through time and visit the period of Renaissance at the majestic Devín Castle.