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Knights at the Devín Castle

The Fellowship of Ancient Martial Arts and Crafts humbly invites the nobles to Devín Castle to see the unseen, hear the unheard and experience the unseen!

On Saturday, August 3rd, it’s time again to experience the revival of knights and brave warriors at the majestic Devin Castle overlooking the confluence of the Morava and Danube rivers.

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♦️10.00 – Opening of the gates of Devín Castle
♦️11.00 – Yoklama – janissaries exercise
Demonstrations of combat readiness by the janissaries – the heyday of the Ottoman army. Completed with a brief explanation of individual types of soldiers.
♦️12.00 – Hungarian Simplicissimus
The story is based on the themes of the Renaissance autobiographical novel of a young man who lived in Slovakia in the 17th century and experienced various adventures there.
♦️13.00 – Medieval dances
Can dancing win love? A fairy tale from the environment of simple people, full of dance, dreaming and magic.
♦️14.00 – God’s judgments
A fencing-theatrical show from the Middle Ages about the judiciary of that time and the resolution of disputes by means of duels and “divine courts”.
♦️15.00 – Magic window
A cheerful and funny magician who will entertain both young and old.
♦️16.00 – Medieval knight tournament
A knightly tournament from the second half of the 14th century, where not only the knights, but also their horses are dressed in colorful clothes decorated with heraldic symbols. A jester accompanies the tournament in verse and comments on the individual knightly disciplines as well as the final knight’s battle with the woodpeckers. The atmosphere of medieval knightly fights, which will not leave any viewer cold!
♦️17.30 – Recital of contemporary music, prose and poetry
A selection of prose and poetry presented by fencing master Petr Koza, supplemented by live music from the given period.
♦️18.30 – Final ceremony full of fencing fights, dancing and waving flags
♦️19.00 – End of the event and closing of the castle

A fairy tale story full of dancing from the simple folk environment, filled with dreams and magic.

A knight tournament from the second half of the 14th century, where not only knights but also their horses are dressed in colorful garments adorned with heraldic symbols. The tournament is accompanied by a jester who comments on each knightly discipline and the final knightly bows with staffs in verse. The atmosphere of medieval knightly contests that will leave no viewer indifferent!

Throughout the day, various pastimes will be available:

🏹 Archery range with bows, crossbows, and knife throwing
🏇🏼 Riding on live and wooden horses
🦄 Children’s corner with various games (catapult, stilts, ring toss on a unicorn, ring toss on swords, throwing balls into a dragon)
🥨 Craft and sales stalls, refreshment stall


Upon purchasing a ticket, besides the performances, you can also explore the entire area of Devín Castle with all its beautiful nooks and interesting exhibitions.
Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event directly at the ticket offices at the entrance to Devín Castle or online in advance without waiting.
♠️ Large family (2 adults and 1-3 children): 27€
♠️ Small family (1 adult and 1-2 children): 15€
♠️ Regular: 12€
♠️ Discounted: 6€

Please note that there is a ban on entry with dogs at Devin Castle, with the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired.