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Maria Theresa #poslednámilosť

One of them faces enemies wishing to rob of her empire, the other one is to be burnt for witchcraft. Two different beings and almost the same destiny

The original Slovak musical Maria Theresa #poslednámilosť brings the story of two women. Both must find their place in a purely male world and seek for lost love. The fates of both main characters are intertwined in the musical until they are fatally intersected at the end.


The first heroine, Maria Theresa, is a queen and absolute ruler over several countries. The second, Magdaléna, is a young widow who comes to Bratislava to develop her parental heritage. Half of Europe wants to rob Maria Theresa of her empire and she has to fight against neighbouring empires and her son. On the other hand, all the neighbours want to take away Magdaléna’s mill, they even accuse her of witchcraft and, because of her exceptional skills, they want to judge her and burn her.


The original Slovak musical of the New Stage Theatre brings the story of two women. An exceptional ruler who influenced the course of history in Central Europe and was the bearer of the values on which today’s Europe is based. She was a powerful politician among men and rulers, but also a loving and vulnerable woman among weak men. Dramatically conspirative and purely human coordinates, personal and political intersections in the complex life of an exceptional woman. At the same time, the musical also brings a story of a simple girl, who fate for her ability to heal, see into the human souls and past, will lead to intrigue, envy and accusations of witchcraft.


The New Stage Theatre plays in the summer at the castle. The premises of the Bratislava landmark will come alive with unique art. In August, during several evenings, you will be able to enjoy two musicals and one concert performed by Slovak stars. The first one is the musical Maria Theresa #poslednámilosť, followed by the musical Boyband and a concert for Jozef Bednárik.


The main roles will include Sisa Sklovska as Maria Theresa and Viktória Matušovová as Magdalena. Along with them will play other well-known names, which are a guarantee of a great experience. Just a few to mention, e.g. Karol Čálik, Mirka Gális Partlová, Tomáš Majláth, Lucia Vráblicová, Pavol Topoľský, Branislav Deák, Jana Lieskovská, Dávid Hartl, Pavol Plevčík, Marcel Ochránek or Peter Kočiš.

Come to Bratislava Castle to enjoy a performance with a live band full of singing, dancing and acting art.

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