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Night of Museums and Galleries 2018

3rd Saturday in May, 19th May 2018, will once again be all about museums and galleries. Here comes 14th European Night of Museums and Galleries. Leading cultural institutions from all over Slovakia (more than 100 this year) are ready to show their interesting exhibitions and get people involved in creative workshops, animations, tours and lectures.

This year’s Night will be different because it will be organized alongside two festivals:

  • The BraK festival (Bratislava Book Festival) will present the best book illustrations in several galleries
  • WhatCity? on Mickiewicz street connects people and improves the community and cultural life in Bratislava.

Besides the exclusive curatorial tours of the Slovak Museum of Design and other interesting activities, there is also an info stand of the Night of Museums and Galleries 2018. Apart from regular participants of the event – nearly 40 museums and galleries – the event will welcome new “faces” – the Museum of Customs and Financial Administration (visitors can get there and also to the SNM Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia by a historical steam train ending in Devínska Nová Ves) and Mini-exposition of the Slate Mining and Processing in Marianka.

Lovers of military history will surely enjoy the bunkers of Petržalka fortifications from the World War II with a rich program. The City Museum of Bratislava celebrates the 150th anniversary, so do not miss a light show on the Old Town Hall. The “Czechoslovak Blues” Concert at the Museum of Trade, brewery section, will mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the first Czechoslovakia. The Small Carpathian Museum in Pezinok prepared thematic walks through the city (architecture of the city and Jewish monuments). The Malacky City Cultural Center is opening a new exhibition about the Pálffy family in the Malacky manor house. Families with children are invited to Pezinok to enjoy a night walk from Schaubmar’s mill to the castle Červený Kameň and learn about history.

Entry: flat entry fee of 2 € – paid only in the first museum/ gallery visited

For more info, please, visit: a

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