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St. Catherine’s Young Wine Tasting

The XXIth year of the traditional friendly tasting is being prepared by the masters of their art in Modra

The event, where all Kates, Cathies and Kitties have free entry, is not to be missed on Friday, November 25. The previous, jubilee XXth edition was held back in 2019.

The tradition of tasting young wines was first introduced in Slovakia by the association of winegrowers and vintners ‘Vincúr’ in Modra. Thus, it established a tradition of tasting young wines before their official launch, where in a friendly atmosphere their young wines will be praised and evaluated by professional and amateur winemakers from Modra and the surrounding area. After all, the history of grape growing and winemaking in the territory of the free royal town of Modra goes back a long way.


It is also a matter of appreciating the past vintage year and blessing the young wines of Modra. This is followed by a popular friendly neighbourhood tasting of the samples brought in.

It all starts with welcoming guests and those present. After the speech of chairman of the Vincúr association Vincent Jakubec, Vladimír Sodoma will evaluate the 2022 vintage year. At 5 p.m., the Evangelical parish priest Eva Oslíková and the Roman Catholic priest Jozef Mišík benedict young wines so that the friendly tasting of the wine samples can be fully started.


And why the St. Catherine’s young wines? Especially because at the end of November it is already possible to taste the first Slovak young white and rosé wines, which are already clarified and stabilized (cleared of wine sludge), so that the adherents of this delicious fluid in Modra can savour their captivating aroma and fresh acids typical for the Little Carpathian varieties, the harvest of which took place in September and October.

Only wine with a protected designation of origin may be described as ‘young wine’ if it is put up in consumer packagings no later than the end of the calendar year in which the grapes used for the production of that wine were harvested. Such wine may be marketed at the earliest on the first Monday of November of the year of the grape harvest. St. Catherine’s wine is a young wine where only a few weeks pass between harvesting and entering the market. It has a light colour and up to 12 percent of alcohol.


Get inspired in the picturesque wine-growing townlet, which still lives its tradition today. Come to taste all the new that has been produced in Modra and its surroundings.

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