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Textile Memory

This is not really an exhibition. It is a dream of material aesthetics, paper and fabric, painting and weaving

Eva Cisárová-Mináriková touches, paints and draws the world haptically, with everything she has at her disposal, with a brush, spatula, tempera, pastel, ink, fingers, staples, scratches; colours spill on the sides, between the sides, run down their backs. She creates traces of borders, frames, frameworks.

She works with stamps, with gold, as messages to her husband Igor he uses his cloths to wipe the brush. Talking about the smoothness and roughness of the material, the fabric of the camisole is an expression of her girly world. She talks about emotions.

The book of her life consists of author’s woven tapestries, transparent tapestries, wire objects, knots, calligraphic notebooks, font swatches, pounds, handkerchiefs, syllables, swatches, trusses, knots, herbariums, soul lists, lines of life.