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Treasures of Little Carpathians

What are the Little Carpathians hiding? You will find that out at the exhibition in the Archaeological Museum in Bratislava’s Old Town

People have been talking since time immemorial about the treasures hidden in the ground – in the foundations of houses, in the fields, or even in the mountains far from human settlements. In them, they were often hidden by significant rock formations, caves, springs, or old roads through the mountains.

Even from the Little Carpathians and their surroundings we know numerous finds of deliberately hidden objects from different periods. Archaeologists call them depots or mass finds.

It doesn’t have to be coins or precious metal objects. The most common are various copper, bronze, iron and ceramic objects, which were of great value at the time of their storage in the ground. We only guess the reason for their hiding – it could have been the protection of property in times of danger, sacrifices to gods, or warehouses of craftsmen.

This unique exhibition in the Slovak National Museum – Archaeological Museum presents objects found in this way from the hiding place in the Small Carpathians. The oldest find at the exhibition is a depot of copper objects from Malé Levár (4000 BC), the youngest treasure of silver coins buried in the ground after 1658.