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Nothing good comes with war. An exhibition of not yet published photographs by Petr Leginský about the town of Vukovar during the Croatian War of Independence will also show you this

The exhibition at the Slovak National Museum – Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia uses black and white photographs to convey the authentic atmosphere that prevailed immediately after the end of the 1991 – 1995 wars in the Croatian town of Vukovar, where Serbs and Croats lived side by side for centuries.

In the autumn of 2021, 30 years have passed since the siege and fall of Vukovar during the War of Independence. The events later went down in history as the Battle of Vukovar. It lasted 2 months, 3 weeks, 3 days and faced 1,800 soldiers of the Croatian National Guard and 36,000 members of the Yugoslav People’s Army. 1,700 civilians died in it, 300 people are still missing.

In November 1991, publicist Peter Kubínyi and photographer Peter Leginský were present at these places of horror. On their way to Vukovar, they did not encounter a single car and did not see a single bird. They did not see a single house in the city that was not, if not collapsed, at least damaged. A few people roamed the streets, some rummaging through the rubble.

The exhibition will be opened on Tuesday, March 1st, at 5 p.m. in the museum’s exhibition premises at Istrijská Street 68 in Bratislava. After vernissage it will be available to the public from March 2nd to May 26th.