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Art in the Public Space

Have you ever wondered if art can be a natural part of a building’s interior, and not just a preserve of the perfect world of the exhibition hall?

The reconstructed spaces of the Slovak National Gallery, with their clean lines, striking white surfaces, and unique nooks and crannies, are qualities in themselves. It is sufficient to accentuate a perfect wall or white corner with a piece of art, and a whole new experience of the space is born.

They have enhanced exploration of the new building by placing sculptures and works of applied art from the SNG collections throughout various spaces of the gallery. Simply take a look, be surprised, be amazed, and see for yourself that art and architecture are compatible.


In this unconventional retrospective project named ‘Art in the Public Space’, the Gallery returns to the traditional practice of placing works of art within significant and prominent buildings. A practice once primarily designed to impress will convey a more educational aspect when, in this interpretation, set against the background of the gallery’s new architecture.

In the Gallery, they also ask what artworks in public spaces actually mean, and explore how the gallery can quietly suggest to visitors that the symbiosis of artwork and public space belongs to us, and is what we should adopt as a norm.