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N89 – Journey to Freedom

We have been enjoying the freedom for almost three decades

Since the revolutionary days of 1989, two generations of young people who either have not experienced the Velvet Revolution or were very young at that time have grown up in Slovakia. As they were too young, they could not understand the political changes that took place. Therefore, the beginning of the exhibition is set in the mid-1980s to allow visitors to get to know or recall the main restrictions imposed upon freedom in the former communist Czechoslovakia.

Thanks to cooperation with many institutions and dozens of private persons, visitors will be able to get to know objects that have not been exhibited to date, complemented by multimedia elements. The Journey to Freedom ends with the depiction of first free elections after the fall of communism and, symbolically, the destruction of the Klement Gottwald Memorial and the renaming of Gottwald’s Square to the Square of Freedom.


On November 17, you can take a free ride on the historic trolleybus N89 with the following route: Nemocnica sv. Michala (Rajská) – Ondrejský cintorín – Kollárovo nám. – Hodžovo nám. – Palisády – Hrad – Mudroňova -Búdková every 20 minutes.