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Flavours of the Little Carpathians

Autumn in the Little Carpathian region is full of colourful vineyards and fragrance of young wine

Local winemakers will introduce it to you thanks to the festival of open cellars, an event that joins wine, art and food of Little Carpathians.

Svätý Jur, Pezinok Grinava and Pezinok itself, Vinosady, Šenkvice, Modra, Doľany and Suchá nad Parnou will welcome all lovers of good food, wine and well-being to let them feel how the Little Carpathians taste. The young festival combining the strongest, mutually complementing elements of the Little Carpathians, includes more than three dozen open wineries, gastronomic venues and a large number of regional artists.


Wine lovers have the chance to get to know in total 35 winemakers from the Little Carpathian region thanks to the proven wandering format through wineries in the mid-November. Associated wineries are located in viticultural municipalities of Bratislava Region.

Visitors can taste directly at wine cellars and they can be pleased by specialities of regional cuisine in local restaurants, because a fine wine is best combined with a good meal. They have also the chance to discover regional culture while in wineries, and that’s in the form of musical performances or exhibitions of photographs, paintings or other artistic objects. Autumn in this part of country is truly evenful.

Little Carpathian winemakers are undoubtedly among the best in Slovakia. Wine flourishes here and the local region is inseparably linked to the tradition of viticulture and winemaking. Since the idea to organize an autumn wine, gastronomy and cultural festival originated, tens of winemakers have therefore been involved in the project.


Wine lovers can taste sorts that have been planted in Little Carpathian Region since time immemorial. Because a bonus for buying wine at 10 euro value in total is a part of the ticket, they can take their favourite one home. Everybody gets also a glass with logo and a small bag, as well as a guide with a map and list of wine cellars, restaurants and artists who have joined the project.

Visit 35 Little Carpathian wineries. All you have to do is get a cheerful crew, and let yourselves be guided down the Little Carpathian paths. All roads lead to wine here.

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