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Hortus Artis

A series of chamber concerts in a garden with musical history for your best summer evening

The summer open air concert cycle of chamber music on the oldest street in Bratislava recalls and develops the tradition of cultivating music in the captivating environment of the historic part of the Slovak capital.

The aim is to present programs for various casts from different historical periods and provenances, which are united by the idea of ​​overlapping idioms of rural and urban folklore with artistically composed music. The focus is on the Central European area (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary). Some concerts will also take us to Spain, South America, the earlier history of Sephardic music from the Mediterranean region or the environment of the urban suburbs of North America at the beginning of the 20th century.

At the festival, more than 40 performers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Spain and Greece will perform in the renowned chamber ensembles Collegium Marianum (CZ), Messages Quartet (PL), Pressburg Saxophone Quartet (SK), Mucha Quartet (SK), Kukal Quatet (CZ), Plaisirs de Musique (CZ), Solamente naturali (SK, CZ), Bratislava Guitar Quartet (SK, GR), Spectrum Quartett (SK), soloists Eva Šušková, Simona Hulejová and chamber players Daniel Rumler, Martin Ruman in the string trio and Jozef Lupták. You will be able to listen to more than 80 works.


July 1 / Monday CACHUA SERRANITA – Collegium Marianum (CZ)

July 7 / Sunday  POLSKY – Messages Quartet (PL)

July 14 / Sunday  ZNOVU OBJAVENÉ – Dainiel Rumler, Martin Ruman, Jozef Lupták (SK)

July 21 / Sunday  THE STORY – Pressburg Saxofón Quartet (SK)

July 28 / Sunday  K PRAMEŇOM – Mucha Quartet (SK)

August 4 / Sunday  ALLA CZECA – Kukal Quartet (CZ)

August 18 / Sunday MISTERIOS DEL AMOR – Plaisirs de Musiques (CZ)

August 25 / Sunday  MUSICA GLOBUS – Solemente naturali (SK, CZ)

September 1 / Sunday ČARODEJNÁ LÁSKA – Eva Šušková a Bratislavské gitarové kvarteto (SK, GR)

September 8. / Sunday  ŠTYRIA HUDCI – Simona Hulejová a Spectrum Quartett (SK)