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Knights at the Devín Castle

The national symbol of Slovakia above the confluence of rivers Moravia and the Danube will shroud into the historical atmosphere, in which you will discover some of the customs and ways of fighting.


Little or big ones, everyone sometimes needs to escape from reality and return to historical times. The Association of Old Martial Arts and Crafts celebrates 60th anniversary and invites all the gentlepeople to the Devín Castle.

During the whole day, you can have fun with various pastimes, including shooting from a bow or crossbow or throwing knives, riding your kids on a wooden or live horse, but also playing in a children’s corner with various games. There will also be plenty of craft stalls.

The main point of the day-long program will be the phenomenal Hungarian knight tournament, in which representatives of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire will compete. The initial friendly test of strength and demonstration of skill will result in foot and horse battles, where it will be a matter of defending honor and intimidating your old rival. Come and see a story inspired by real events and personalities.



♣️ 10:00 AM – Opening of the gates of Devín Castle
♣️ 11:00 AM – Exercise of Roman legionaries
Demonstration of the combat readiness of the Roman legion, exercises in response to commands, spear throwing – pilum. You will see the “tortoise formation” and various types of soldiers with their equipment.
♣️ 12:00 PM – Presentation of Turkish archers
What is the history of Turkish archery and its basic techniques? Individuals as well as the entire archer unit will demonstrate.
♣️ 1:00 PM – Ancient dances
Dances stylized in the setting of ancient Rome, as they could have been performed at Roman festivities or temple ceremonies.
♣️ 2:00 PM – Hungarian Simplicissimus
A story based on motifs from a Renaissance autobiographical novel of a young man who lived in the 17th century in the territory of Slovakia and experienced various adventures.
♣️ 3:00 PM – Magic Show
A cheerful and witty magician who will entertain both young and old.
♣️ 4:00 PM – Hungarian knightly tournament
A knightly tournament held at the conclusion of peace with the Ottoman Empire. The story inspired by the authentic events surrounding the establishment of the so-called “Peace of Žitava,” which was concluded by Palatine Thurzo.
Individual participants of the tournament have their counterparts in real historical figures of Hungarian history. However, the confrontation of different cultures will not only be limited to peaceful demonstrations of strength in various equestrian and infantry disciplines.
♣️ 5:30 PM – Recital of period music, prose, and poetry
A selection of prose and poetry performed by fencing master Peter Koza accompanied by live music from the respective period.
♣️ 6:30 PM – Closing ceremony full of fencing duels, dance, and waving flags
♣️ 7:00 PM – Conclusion of the event and closing of the castle


Throughout the day, various pastimes will be available:

🏹 Archery range with bows, crossbows, and knife throwing
🏇🏼 Riding on live and wooden horses
🦄 Children’s corner with various games (catapult, stilts, ring toss on a unicorn, ring toss on swords, throwing balls into a dragon)
🥨 Craft and sales stalls, refreshment stall


Upon purchasing a ticket, besides the performances, you can also explore the entire area of Devín Castle with all its beautiful nooks and interesting exhibitions.
Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event directly at the ticket offices at the entrance to Devín Castle or online in advance without waiting.
♠️ Large family (2 adults and 1-3 children): 27€
♠️ Small family (1 adult and 1-2 children): 15€
♠️ Regular: 12€
♠️ Discounted: 6€
Dogs are not allowed at Devín Castle except for guide dogs for the visually impaired.