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Slovak Christmas / SĽUK

The dance comedy Slovak Christmas with the subtitle Comedy about the creation of the world and what came after is already a traditional opus of SĽUK, which is the best and most famous Slovak folklore dance ensemble (Slovak Folk Art Collective).

In its creation, the author’s team was inspired mainly by Slovak folklore theatre, which represents an inimitable synthesis of sacred and profane themes.

These found their image in the Bethlehem plays and traditional folk theatre of the period (Walking with the Serpent, The Game of Herod, The Quest for the Night, The Three Kings and others). In general, these are mainly depictions of biblical motifs related to the birth of Jesus Christ, the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem and the bowing of the three wise men from the East.

However, the creators did not owe anything to the Old Testament theme of the creation of the world, which is not so often theatrically depicted. Thus a unique project of dance comedy in two acts was created.

The first part of the performance On the Creation of the World is inspired by the Old Testament story in the interpretation and artistic expression of the current generation of young creators.

The second part, entitled From Adam to the Three Kings, is a joyful and colourful collage of Christmas carols, vignettes and folk theatre plays performed by the dance ensemble, folklore music and singing group SĽUK with its soloists and guest children.

Event length: 100 minutes


19 December 19:00

20 December 19:00

The performances take place in the SĽUK building in the historical district of Rusovce. Before the performance we recommend a walk in the beautiful park of the adjacent manor house.